Kimden: Sergio Mario Roa Barra
Konu: Citizenship by Investment Offer.
Telefon Numarası: 81857865256

İleti gövdesi:

Do you seek Dual citizenship? Do you need a second passport? Do you wish to relocate alone or with your entire family to another country?

We have a platform that sponsors residency/citizenship by investment for people from your region – It’s an established residency and citizenship by investment program across Europe, Caribbean, Canada and USA.

In a situation where you don’t have the ‘Investment Capital’, our investment platform can partly or solely finance the project for you upon mutual agreement by providing the Citizenship/Residency Investment Capital. Our immigration experts are here to help.

If this interests you, do let me know so I can advise further.

Sergio Mario Roa Barra
Immigration Consultant / Expert.
Whatsapp: +56920110846

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